How to contribute

For 2 weeks this July follow the athletes of Team Ottawa as they participate in the 19th Maccabiah Games in Israel. 

Athletes, parents and supporters will be posting personal stories, photos and results direct from the 19th Maccabiah Games in Israel this summer.

Here are your blogging options:
While in Israel the data and roaming charges will most likely be quite expensive when using a smartphone from Canada. 

For this reason, please either use free wifi access whenever possible for uploading blog articles and photos, or rent a phone through the Maccabi Canada provider Israel Phones.  Maccabi Canada has secured great rates for phones in Israel for athletes and their families:

A cell phone with unlimited calls in Israel and North America for $4.99/day and $6.99 with Data.  Full pricing and information is available in a downloadable PDF document.

Contact Larry Lavitt if you need access to contribute to this blog.


  1. Team canada first game against the USA national juniors team - first set was predictable in that the USA won, second and third set tho our young ladies forced them to tie breakers both times. SUPER JOB against a team practising a year longer and two weeks more than them in Israel. We can be so very PROUD of their performance!

  2. The men's open hockey team plays for gold on Friday. They were undefeated in round robin play and one their semi final 13-2. They play United States.